Illinois Police Officers Memorial Committee
Inc. 1986
Honoring Law Enforcement Officers Who Have Given Their Lives in the Performance of Their Duty

Our goal is to honor all police officers that have been killed in the line of duty, while also preserving the integrity of the Memorial. Each application is carefully reviewed and vetted for eligibility in accordance with the Constitution of the Illinois Police Officers Memorial Committee.

Once an application is received, it is reviewed by the Committee for Inclusion. If there are questions, or if more information is needed, the Committee will contact the department that submitted the application, and request the needed information.

Once reviewed, the application is presented to the full IPOMC with a recommendation for inclusion OR a recommendation not to include. At that time, the voting members of the IPOMC vote on whether or not the applicant will be added to the IPOM.

The Illinois Police Officers Memorial Committee exhausts all possible means available to verify an officer’s eligibility status.

When there is doubt arising from circumstances of the officer’s death or with respect to individual status as a law enforcement officer, the matter shall be tabled until more information can be obtained concerning the doubt.

If you know of an officer that you believe should be included on the memorial, the Illinois Police Memorial Notification Form can be found in PDF format and in DOCX format. Documents should be sent electronically to